New Publication: History of Indian Philosophy, Ed. by Purushottama Bilimoria

Another new publication in the field of contemporary Indian philosophy: Bilimoria, Purushottama. History of Indian Philosophy. (Routledge History of World Philosophies). London: Taylor & Francis Group, 2017. Pp. 612 ($220.00).

From the editor:

The History of Indian Philosophy is a comprehensive and authoritative examination of the movements and thinkers that have shaped Indian philosophy over the last three thousand years. An outstanding team of international contributors provide fifty-eight accessible chapters, organised into three clear parts:

I. Knowledge, context, concepts

IIa.b.c. Philosophical traditions

[in particular relevant for readers of this blog:)

III. Engaging and encounters: modern and postmodern

48 Islamic modernism in India, Muhammad Kamal

49 Gur-Sikh dharam, Balbinder Singh Bhogal

50 Buddhist ethics, Damien Keown

51 Process Buddhism: ethics and social engagement, Peter Paul Kakol, edited by Amy Rayner

52 Indian and European philosophy, Thomas B. Ellis

53 Modern philosophy in India, A. Raghuramaraju

54 Gandhi’s truth: debating Bilgrami, Bindu Puri

55 Understanding Indian philosophical traditions, Anna-Pya Sjödin

56 G. R. Malkani, Sharad Deshpande

57 Postmodern approaches, Carl Olson

58 Philosophy in an age of postcolonialism, Joseph Prabhu”

Also announced on the Indian Philosophy Blog, along with the full table of contents.


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