Daya Krishna – the Open Library

I announced earlier the beginning of our project of an open library for uploading  open access resources of and on Daya Krishna. It is now online here:

The website will grow gradually, as we upload the material and also as we get more copyrights, but some interesting materials are already there. You will find Daya Krishna’s articles published in the JICPR and elsewhere, his books and the recording of the Shimla lecture, as well as an overview of the literature available online on Daya Krishna.

If you have suggestions on the website itself or request for addition of new categories/pages, do not hesitate to send us your feedbacks (here in the comments for example)! Thanks!

Warm acknowledgement are due to Prof. Shail Mayaram (CSDS, Delhi), Prof. S. R. Bhatt (ICPR, Delhi), Prof. Bhuvan Chandel (CSC, Delhi) and Prof. Mukund Lath (Jaipur) for their permissions for using the materials of which they hold the copyrights. The website is developed by Dor Miller (Tel-Aviv University) with my contribution (Elise Coquereau).


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